Literary criticisms in Madhumati, a Hindi Literary magazine, March 2004 MEGHAVAHAN


In Meghavahan, the author has presented philosophic thoughts, too, in a simple and attractive way. From the story, its presentation, style and points of view, it is an excellent work. Nirmal Kumar has presented an ancient story in an effective and modern way. His imagination has presented the figures and emotions of the characters poetically and convincingly.


The characterization of Princess Sarawati and Queen Drishti is profound. The novel, though about an ancient happening, is relevant to our times too. The story and its presentation, both, elevate the mind of the reader.


Literary criticism in the famous literary magazine Vaani, Jan- Feb issue 2005 MEGHAVAHAN


Rahul Sankrityayana had initiated the art of creating a whole novel on the basis of scanty history.  Meghavahan is the most successful outcome of this literary tradition. With the help of his amazing creative and imaginative powers, Nirmal Kumar has transformed the historical Meghavahan Kharvel into a vigilant and powerful defender of India’s unity and cultural integrity. He has attained amazing success in creating a lively, enlightened and powerful character, like Meghavahan Kharvel….. By projecting Meghavahan as a powerful patriot, the author has created the vision of a true politician for the modern politicians of India, and has engraved a message on the canvas of time that, if the Indian politicians of yore had thought like Kharvel, India could never have been enslaved…… Today when the Western culture is overpowering the Indian culture, this novel is giving us a clear and powerful message…… Today when the atmosphere is replete with the idea of the empowerment of woman, the creation of a female character of the stature and strength of Saraswati is an unparalleled achievement in the art of novel writing, and on the part of the novelist who has created her. He brilliantly shows the truth that whenever the Indian men became shaky and failed to steer the ship of India through troubled waters, Indian women rescued the nation……It is indeed a great and powerful novel………which successfully passes the fire-test of a modern novel, too.